The Adventures of Pete & Pete

pete-and-pete-logoPete and his little brother Pete are growing up in a normal suburb. Well, not so much “normal” really, but more sort of weird and spazzed out so that everyday stuff goes all freaky, but no one seems to notice. Except you. Luckily they can’t hear you laughing.

“Excellentay!” -Teddy L. Forzman

The Adventures of Pete and Pete is one of those shows that you just have to see to believe. Take your average suburb on the east coast. Add some slightly bizzare characters and surreal storylines. Mix in some of the hippest celebrities. Whammo! You’ve got one of the best shows ever made for kids… adults even.

In the opening theme song, each main character’s first name is listed, including “Mom’s Plate” and “Petunia” (which is Little Pete’s tatoo).

The Adventures of Pete & Pete was created by Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi. The two were hired by Nickelodeon’s Promotion Department, and they created the brothers Pete and their friends as part of a promotional campaign. Nickelodeon liked it so much that they decided to turn it into a bunch of specials. These specials went over so well, Nickelodeon asked for a series.

What is The Adventures of Pete & Pete about? The Adventures of Pete & Pete chronicles the adventures of two brothers (both named Pete), their friends and family, and the town they live in. The adventures are by no means normal and border on the surreal.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete originally aired on Nickelodeon in many countries around the world. It was canceled after the third season in 1996.

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As Michelle Trachtenberg had a re-occuring role as Nona Frances Mecklenberg, All of the episode, with a synopsis are listed below. Enjoy a memory trip!


King of the Road
Nothing in the world forms as strong a bond as the human family. And nothing tests that bond as much as a family car trip. In this episode, the Wrigley clan discovers just how strong a bond they have, while Big Pete learns the true meaning of “family”.

Day of the Dot
Trouble starts when Big Pete’s best friend Ellen is chosen to dot the “i” in the word “Squid”, the highest honor for any member of the Wellsville Fighting Squids Marching Band. The stress of being the dot blended with the band director’s delusions of band grandeur begin to put a strain on Pete and Ellen’s relationship.

The Nightcrawlers
Little Pete decides that enough is enough and wages war against his Mom and the International Adult Conspiracy over the most annoying of adult dictates: arbitrary bedtime.

Big Pete wears a bear costume to disguise his embarrassing job as a range boy at the golf course. The bear’s identity becomes a huge attraction at the course, so Pete quits before anyone discovers his secret. Mr. Wrigley is left to tell the angry crowd the bear has disappeared. Will Pete let his Dad down?

Tool and Die
Mr. Slurm is the shop teacher with an intense passion for tools and metal hook for a left hand. He becomes the object of Big Pete’s scorn as he assigns Pete to work on his “special project” which is a secret that nobody else knows about. Pete is conviced that the project is something evil, especially since Slirm won’t even tell Big Pete what it is.

Don’t Tread on Pete
Big Pete comes face to face with his future and must figure out what route to take in order to avoid it. Meanwhile, Little Pete has his own battle when a gym teacher and his legion of dodgeball studs from a rival school try to take over Little Pete’s gym class.

When Petes Collide
Pete and Pete fight over a magical bowling ball. They try to outdo each other to see who is the better son. Who will wind up with the ball?

Hard Day’s Pete
Little Pete never had a favorite song until one day, while taking a shortcut to school, he stumbled upon a mysterious band jamming in a garage. Suddenly, he had a favorite song and all he wanted to do was hear it again. The only problem, was that the song and the mystery band were nowhere to be found.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre
Big Pete develops a crush on his math teacher, Miss Fingerwood. Mr. Beverly, the school groundskeeper is also in love with Miss Fingerwood. Open Face, the class bully, offers to help Mr. Beverly in return for control of the school mascot, Edna the fighting squid. Unfortunately, Pete has killed Edna in a bizarre discus-throwing accident. Open Face and his band of bullies terrorize the two Petes, Ellen feels neglected when Pete writes Miss Fingerwood an algebra love poem, and Mr. Beverly searches for his missing squid. This unusual love story culminates in an early morning showdown on the football field.

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation
The Pete brothers and Ellen try to save a summer they have almost ruined. Pete, Pete and Ellen try to become friends with Mr. Tastee, the town’s mysterious ice cream man. Their personal questions scare him and he flees in the midst of a heatwave, taking the spirit of summer with him. Enlisting the aid of Artie, their personal superhero, the trio embark on a mission to track down Mr. Tastee. Along the way, they meet an ice cream man played by Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and a blind millionairess played by Kate Pierson of the B-52’s.

Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas
The school year is almost over for the Pete brothers and their friend Ellen. Artie counts the seconds until Little Pete’s release and Pete and Ellen are assigned a deadly final paper for science class. They plan to play it safe, but Joe Jones, a mysterious misfit kid, inspires them to risk summer school by pursuing big ideas that come from the heart. Ellen and Pete defy their narrow-minded teacher and set off on a mythic quest for knowledge. Pete intends to calculate the interstellar impact his hero, Baltimore Colt quarterback Johnny Unitas, has had on the universe. Ellen tries to find proof that extraterrestrial life exists in their hometown. Fighting the teacher, their friends and the clock, all seems lost for our heroes until Joe Jones comes through with the answers they’ve been searching for.

Apocalypse Pete
Little Pete finally gets a chance to share a hobby with his dad – Revenge! The target is Ellen’s dad, Mr. Hickle, who strikes the first blow in this neighborhood war by broadcasting Hawaiian music directly into the metal plate in Pete’s mom’s head. Little Pete and Dad build a high tech command center in the basement and retaliate with their secret weapon – Artie, the strongest man in the world.

New Year’s Pete
Little Pete makes his very first resolution: to make the world a better place for all of mankind. All he needs is a Riley Retro-Fire Jetpack and $456.89 to buy it. When he fails at such moneymaking schemes as a door to door minesweeping salesman and turning Artie into a bowling kingpin, Little Pete is crushed. Alone and dejected on New Year’s Eve, he ponders the futility of resolutions. Suddenly, Little Pete realizes that he can still make the world a better place for one person and that a small resolution can make a big difference.

Grounded For Life
When Little Pete’s explosive experiment scorches the grass and screws up Dad’s chance of winning the annual battle for the better lawn against their neighbor, Fred Lurgner, he gets grounded for one month. This means he will miss his beloved Fourth of July fireworks. With the help of his new friend Nona and her dog Nimbus, who can’t pee, Little Pete attempts to beat the grounding by breaking ground and digging his own tunnel to freedom. It’s live free or die for the littlest Pete, who hopes to make his great escape in time to see the fireworks.

Field of Pete
When a contagious bug (spread via the Orange Lazarus slush drinks) disables the Murcheson Prosthetic baseball team’s best players, Pete is thrown into the throes of loserdom. Big Pete realizes that, in order to preserve the true spirit of baseball, he must harness the icy power of the Orange Lazarus for the good of the game. Putting his own brother, coach, and teammates in a massive megaton brain freeze, they have no choice but to play and face the consequences.

The Call
A pay phone, which has been ringing for 27 years nonstop, scrambles the minds of other innocent citizens. No one knows who the call is for nor is anyone brave enough to find out. That is, until the two Petes confront their fears and answer the phone.

The Big Quiet
Little Pete’s best friend, Gary the lizard, is crushed under the wheels of a car. He makes a painstaking effort to make the world remember Gary, but tribute after tribute fails miserably. Meanwhile, Big Pete is stuck confronting the fact that he can’t talk to his Dad. It’s a life or death struggle that might result in sock-puppet therapy if Big Pete can’t pull himself out of “the big quiet”: that gaping silence between parent and kid.

Time Tunnel
As Little Pete plans what he’s going to do over again when daylight savings hit and he’s got that extra hour, Big Pete plans on how he will discover if he and Ellen are meant to be just friends or more than just friends.

Inspector 34
Most people find those “inspected by” tags in their new underwear and just toss them out. Not Little Pete, he’s been collecting the tags ever since he noticed something amazing: every pair of underpants he’s ever owned was inspected by the same person, “Inspector 34″. Little Pete doesn’t believe it’s just a coincidence. He believes that Inspector 34 is his guardian angel. Everyone else thinks Little Pete is crazy–until Inspector 34 shows up.

There was once a time when Pete believed that Halloween was the ultimate holiday. Now it’s the ultimate dork holiday. To Pete, Halloween is for Halloweenies. He wants nothing to do with it. Little Pete wants to break the record, a legendary Halloween feat that was accomplished 31 years ago by two kids who trick or treated to 374 houses in one night. Big Pete decides to stand up and face eternal dorkness to help Little Pete breatk the record.

Ellen tries to rid the school of algebra word problems.

On Golden Pete
Pete has worked with his dad to help him rub out an elusive target–Bob–a legendary striped bass whose mighty bulk has roamed the depths of Lake Torgeson for years. Pete’s cold blooded heart began to go warm the day he and his dad visited a taxidermist shop. The sight of various animals hot glued to pieces of wood and hung on a wall were too much for Pete. But, now little Pete joins the Bob hunt and Big Pete knows that the only way to stop Bob from being caught and hung on the Wrigley’s rec room wall is by defying his own dad.

Farewell My Little Viking – Part 1
When Little Pete’s dad becomes jealous of Little Pete and Artie’s relationship, he tricks Artie into leaving Wellsville.

Farewell My Little Viking – Part 2
Little Pete has to face “Paper Cut” without the aid of Artie, strongest man in the world. Artie secretly gives Little Pete some magic without him knowing. Little Pete believes in himself and has confidence that he can overcome anything even though his superhero isn’t around anymore.

Yellow Fever
Pete and his class take a yellow bus to get to their field trip. On long rides a school bus becomes an incubator, filled with the churning psyches of 48 kids. On the way there, Pete and Ellen will become bitter enemies. Pete’s arch enemy Endless Mike Hellstrom will become his best friend. And the class trip quickly becomes a journey into the darkest recesses of everyone’s soul.

Sick Day
Little Pete decides he needs a day off from school so he plays sick. Then he winds up in a wild adventure in town.

The Trouble With Teddy
Big Pete thinks he knows his friend Teddy pretty well, that is before Teddy’s parents go away and BPete invites him to stay at his house. Mom gives Pete permission to sleep outside. No one knows what happened, but the next morning Pete becomes Brother Nature and is determined to live off the land. Meanwhile, BPete tries to escape from Teddy.

35 Hours
What happens when the brothers Pete are left with the house for 35 uncharted hours? Left with no parents and no baby sitter? The house gets sold.

Dance Fever
Pete’s fearlessness is legendary. But when his first school dance rolls around, everyone discovers Pete’s one true fear — dancing. He’s terrified of it.

The Good The Bad & the Lucky
Little Pete usually thrives on adversity, but when his lucky two-headed penny loses its power, he loses his characteristic courage. The solution? Take the penny to the local train tracks so that the Wellsville Express can run over it, thus restoring its legendary luck and aiding Little Pete in his ongoing battle with arch-enemy Pit Stain.

Pete gets the ultimate summer job as a lifeguard a the Wellsville Municipal Pool. Its a summer pool paradise until Pete says the two words that will change his life forever: “Adult Swim”. With that simple phrase a war breaks out between the Petes as Pete vows to fight his brother and battle the injustice of getting booted from the pool for one hour per day.

Crisis in the Love Zone
Spring Fever hits Wellsville and you know what that means: Love galore. Things get so gloomy that Pete and his pal Nona are forced to fight off the dreaded Love Fever which has contaminated everyone else in town. But when Pete falls head over tattoo for Mailwoman Eunice Pule, Nona must snap him out of it before Pete tells Pule that he loves her and becomes another pathetic love sucking moron.

Road Warrior
Drivers education. What could be better than a class where, instead of putting you behind a desk, they put you behind the wheel of a car? Well now its Pete’s turn to hit the open road. All he has to do is get through Driver’s Ed. No problem, right? Wrong. Pete’s dream skids out when Mr. Slurm, a claw armed shop teacher who despises Pete takes over the class.

All Nighter
Pete, Wayne and Monica are told to sit in the principals office to await punishment for their school crimes. But when Principal Schwinger never returns, our heroes find themselves locked in the school. At first freaked at the thought of getting locked in the dungeon of school, the kids realize that a night of total kid freedom awaits them. And they make the most of it-until they discover that they are not alone.

Das Bus
Its Career Week at Wellsville High and Pete gets an internship with his pal, Bus Driver Stu Benedict. To Pete, spending a week with his buddy Stu sounds like a breeze. But Pete’s plans hit a pothole when he realizes how serious Stu is taking the experience. Soon Pete is doing everything he can to get out of the job-until he realizes that he’ll get the chance to solo on Friday-leaving him alone in the bus with his dream girl.

Last Laugh
Its April Fools Day and Pete has planned the ultimate prank-to destroy a school presentation starring the Up With Personal Hygiene Singers. Every year the group visits the school to sing and dance about the merits of good hygiene. Pete has had enough. But once Principal Schwinger finds out about the prank, Pete gets busted for the day. Or does he? It’s an episode with enough twists, turns, crosses and double crosses that will make you wonder: Who’s’ pranking who?

Pete joins the Wellsville High wrestling team in hopes of getting his school letter — a sacred swatch of fuzzy fabric that Pete sees as they key to the world of coolness. All goes well until Pete’s arch enemy, Endless Mike Hellstrom, transfers to another school in hopes of wrestling Pete in front of the whole school. Utter humiliation awaits Pete if he decides to wrestle the mutant, which he must do to get the letter he wants so badly.

It’s Saturday in Wellsville, just another day in suburbia. A day to get a haircut…go to work…or buy new sneakers. It all seemed so ordinary. So Saturday. But somehow, it wasn’t…

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