Space Cases

space-cases-logoThe Following Courtesy of Probably the best source for information about the show.

Space Cases was a show about five space cadets, their two teachers, and a malfunctioning android named Thelma who were all lost in space. It was unfortunately cancelled after two seasons, and despite all opinions, this show was NOT a rip off of Lost in Space.

The Following Courtesy of Space Cases TV A good source of information.

Space Cases is a science fiction show about a collection of five space cadets that snuck aboard an alien space ship. A busted-in-rank commander and the Staracademy vice-principal chased after them onto the ship, and the ship almost immediately got lost in space by traveling through a spacial rip. It will take all seven of them working together to get home… that, and about seven years of space travel.

Along the way, they learn more about one another, and more about this alien space ship called the Christa. Thelma (“Techno Human EmuLating MAchine”), an android that was found deactivated on the Christa, was reactived by Harlan Band, one of the crew. Unfortunately, her main operating chip was accidentaly damaged when Harlan walked on it in the very first episode. Because of this, from time to time, Thelma seems to act… strangely.

The Cast
Kristian Ayre – Radu
Rahi Azizi – Bova
Paul Boretski – Commander Seth Goddard
Paige Christina – Rosie Ianni
Rebecca Herbst – Suzee (Season 2)
Walter Jones – Harlan Band
Cary Lawrence – T.J. Davenport
Anik Matern – Thelma
Jewel Staite – Catalina (Season 1)

Guest Stars
Bill Mumy
Chip Chuipka
Daisy Eagan
Danny Tamberelli
David Schramm
George Takei
Helen Garland
Jim Bradford
Katey Sagal
Marcel Jeannin
Mark Hamill
Michelle Trachtenberg
Monica Heuser
Peter David
Ricky Mabe
Robin Leach
Shana David
Sheena Larkin
Tamsin Kelsey
Ted Jessup

Show Information
First Aired March 1996
Last Aired January 1997
Running Time 30 min
Country United States
Network Nickelodeon