meego-logoThe Basic Plot:

Three siblings (Lipnicki, Trachtenberg and Von Detten) discover a crashed spaceship and convince their single dad (Begley) that the ship’s alien commander, Meego (Pinchot), would make a perfect nanny. Regulars:
· Bronson Pinchot as Meego
· Ed Begley Jr. as Dr. Edward Parker
· Jonathan Lipnicki as Alex
· Michelle Trachtenberg as Maggie
· Eric Von Detten as Trip
· Will Estes as Trip

“A strange new form of sitcom crashed and burned early in the 1997-1998 season: what might be called the “obnoxious male Mary Poppins” genre, in which the unquestioned sweepstakes winner of entity-with-supernatural-powers-you-would-least-likely-allow-within-miles-of-your-children was Bronson Pinchot as Meego. The runners up were the genie of You Wish and the angel of Teen Angel.”

Other Thoughts: · This show was heartwarming and nice to watch plus that Jerry Maguire kid is awesome! Bronson Pinchot as an alien BRILLIANT

· I thought Meego was an all right show-if you want to try to compete with TGIF! This was a way too over- the edge fantasy sitcom with Balki, the Jerry Maguire kid, Harriet the Spy (who will play Buffy’s sister starting this fall) and Ed Begley Jr., an original adult nerd of the 80s. This show was awful, though I liked the casting job.

· This show was so STOOPID that it made ‘Aliens in the Family’ look like ‘Mork and Mindy’ in its prime! Speaking for myself, I find Bronson Pinchot doing anything besides playing Balki supremely annoying- and even Balki had all the appeal of nails-on-a-chalkboard after a few minutes! Why did Ed Begley, Jr. ever agree to participate in this?! I wouldn’t be surprised if he and the kids who participated would like nationwide amnesia about this show to happen!.

TV Guide (November 15-27, 1997) By David Hiltbrand on “The Family Page:”

What went wrong? Meego has a dream cast including Will Estes as the almost ready for driver’s ed hearthrob, Michelle Trachtenberg (“Harriet The Spy”) as the precociously mature middle child and Jonathan Lipnicki is the most adorable tube tot since the early prime of Emmanual Lewis. The laugh track erupts in oohs and aahs every time Lipnicki trundles onto the screen. Ed Begley Jr. plays the father who pops in briefly once or twice an episode. The family even comes equipped with a frisky Jack Russell terrier.

According to the TV Guide article, “Meego’s biggest problems is the location opposite ABC’s habit forming TGIF shows.”

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