Guys Like Us

guys-like-us-logoAaahh, a bachelor’s life: parties, women, music, work and—a six-year-old brother? Such is the predicament for Sean Barker and Jared Harris when Jared’s little brother Maestro comes to live with them after his father accepts a freelance position overseas. Now the two swingin’ single guys are forced to give up some of the perks of bachelorhood and develop their parenting skills, crude as they may be.

Michelle Starred in Episode Three: Maestro’s First Crush

The Guest Cast Included:

Michelle Trachtenberg (Katie)
Brenda Ballard (Mrs Polaski)
Jennifer Grant (Leah)
John Michael Higgins (Mr Levin)
Lorna Scott (Ashley)
Mark Neal (Man)
Lora-Lyn Peterson (Gorgeous Girl)
Andy Berman (Vance)

Maestro develops a big crush on his babysitter Katie, a precocious 13-year-old who’s more impressed with older musicians, especially Sean. Meanwhile, Jared tries to learn golf to impress his boss Mr Levin, who happens to be Katie’s father.

Air Date: 19-Oct-1998 (Michelle was fourteen years old)

Regular Cast:
Dan Schneider
Rich Correll