Clarissa Explains It All

clarissa-explains-it-all-logoClarissa Explains It All was made in four seasons between 1991 and 1993, totaling 65 episodes in all. Each episode runs for approximately 24 minutes when the commercials have been edited out.

Clarissa Explains It All is a rather quirky situation comedy series from Nickleodeon, the US-based cable and satellite childrens channel. In the series, Clarissa a teenager, describes the things that are happening in her life and the motivations behind them. The series keeps switching from asides to camera from Clarissa (played by actress Melissa Joan Hart), to the action as it happens. The main characters in the show are Clarissa Darling, her family (consisting of her father Marshall, her mother Janet, and her annoying little brother Ferguson) and her best friend Sam.

Michelle appeared in “Clarissa Explains It All” in 1993, playing “Elsie Soaperstein” in episode: “Babysitting.”


It is the one day in the year that Clarissa really fears – the wedding anniversary of their next door neighbours, the Sopersteins. Why? Because Clarissa gets to babysit their daughter, little Elsie Soperstein. Clarissa is almost out of the door when the phone rings and she answers and tells Edna Soperstein that she won’t be able to babysit Elsie this year. All appears to be going well until Edna comes to the door just as Janet and Marshall are going out, and Clarissa’s cover story is blown by Ferguson. Reluctantly, Clarissa and Sam are trapped into babysitting the horrendous eight year old. After a row of defeats, Clarissa enlists Ferguson’s help in dealing with Elsie but even he quits when Elsie starts professing undying love for him. Eventually Clarissa and Ferguson work together to ensnare Elsie and then blackmail her into behaving.

Production Code: 151, US Airdate: 25th September 1993, UK Airdate: 2nd June 1994

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