A Father’s Choice

a-fathers-choice-logoFather’s Choice, A (2000) (TV)

By Jenny:

This is a poignant story of two young sisters who are used to living in the fast-paced city. Their lives are turned upside down when their mother is killed and they are sent to live with their father who happens to be a “real” cowboy. The younger sister Chris (Yvonne Zima) is traumatized as she witnessed the killing but is unable to identify the killers. The older sister Kelly (Michelle) has a hard time adjusting to her new life in a rustic two room cabin as compared to her suburban home. Much of the story revolves around Kelly’s adjusting to the rustic country living and her father. The “villian” is their aunt who tries to take Kelly and her sister away from their father as he was only given temporary custody of his daughters. Although the movie is entitled “A Father’s Choice” it is really a movie about the older daughter and the father making a choice to be with each other, the hard adjustments and decisions both have to make. Although the movie received little praise, in my opinion, this was the best movie Michelle has made to date. She demonstrated her extraordinary range of acting ability throughout the film. This movie was released the same year Michelle joined the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as “Dawn.”

Directed By: Christopher Cain
Written By: Richard Leder


Peter Strauss …. Charlie ‘Mac’ McClain
Mary McDonnell …. Susan Shaw
Michelle Trachtenberg …. Kelly McClain
Yvonne Zima …. Chris McClain
Susan Hogan …. Gayle Miller
Roger R. Cross …. Detective Ross
Eddie Velez …. Detective Cortez Barbara Duncan …. Jesse McClain
Joe Norman Shaw …. Kallen
J. Winston Carroll …. George (as J.W. Carroll)
Georgie Collins …. Dotty Clayton
Dan Willmott …. Sheriff Carl Dewitt
Rod Padmos …. Lt. Hamilton
Judith Maxie …. Judge White
Judith Bachan …. Debra Wilkins
Karen Barker …. Anna
Ryan Barron …. Lou
Reg Glass …. Gunman
Stephen Hair …. Judge Morgan
Dave Leader …. Ricky (as David H. Leader)
Jim Shield …. Kyle Macy
Susan L. Smith …. Lisa Everson
Brian Stollery …. David Winston
Frank Takacs …. Bartender
Monte Timmons …. Danny

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